North Coast Chocolates


‘Ethical Chocolate’

This Chocolate is made with Selected Quality Cocoa Beans.

We only use sustainably grown, well-fermented and sun-dried main crop cocoa beans traceable to farmer communities in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Ecuador. Main crop beans are bigger in taste and yield better taste. Furthermore, farmers pack their beans in jute bags, because jute protects them against humidity and drying out during their long journey to our roastery. This quality mark guarantees the great chocolate taste you will experience in our products.

‘Sustainable Packaging’

At North Coast Chocolates we promise not to use single use plastics in any part of the creation.  This applies to the production, packaging and postage of your chocolates.  We will only use biodegradable or compostable products in our packaging. Our chocolate dividers are handmade from recycled card and like all things in nature, they are not in straight lines.

‘Local Ingredients’

Local is key to our brand.

We will forage, climb hills, swim rivers to find the finest local ingredients. 

Our wee country has the most divine produce and we feel this is what will make our chocolates stand out. 

‘Chocolate doesn’t ask questions, Chocolate understands’

Causeway Hero Shot

The Story

A marriage made in heaven. He's travelled the world as a chef... has even worked for royalty! A chocolatier with a passion you couldn't match.

She's a chocoholic and has his back every step of the way.

Ruaraidh and Lisa

Our Packaging

All our packaging is 100% biodegradable and our inserts are handmade to keep our zero plastic ethos alive. We will never compromise on this ethos.

Plastic packaging will NEVER be tolerated at North Coast Chocolates.